Rusting Aquarium

Part 2/6 of "From Emerald to Hesa", a collection of poems and artwork paired together, started about 1.5 years or so ago. Figured now was as good a time as any to wrap them up! So, the poem for this piece:

I'm from nowhere,
And so are you
We brandish our cores of ice
and northern sentimentality

Breathing cold air,
And shifting through
the sense I just can’t suffice
Despite the compatibility

I lack the courage
to be the contrast to you that I need to be
too indecisive to be your rival,
and too-hard headed to be your lover

start to slip,
Feel the urgency clip
back and forth,
in circles this goes,
a path like the collar you adore

Are so strong,
You know where you belong
lead the way
In that way you do,
Where all I can do is pine for more

How can we kiss
When we can't even touch?
And what of when I finally let you swim in my surreal skin?
It’s only the beginning
Of something I don’t have the strength to keep up

keep it beneath the permafrost,
I already know the cost
this hole is big enough only for one,
the jealous roots are pulling me
Down towards despair I can’t outrun

I’m doing everything I can,
Sketching spectres of a better man
A pale silhouette of what I could be
Please hold on a little longer
If you would just do that for me

But you have a way of giving me solace in failure
A reminder that I might be best enjoying enterprise
From the sidelines

through all these lights and wires and miles,
I see your silhouette in bed beside me
I’m holding the frost-lit photos
So I won’t only have to dream

September will be here soon,
And you will come in with the change of leaves