Arctic Babygirl

"Arctic Babygirl". Part 1/6 of "From Emerald to Hesa", a collection of poems and artwork paired together, started about 1.5 years or so ago. Figured now was as good a time as any to wrap them up! So, the poem for this piece:

We are anonymous storytellers
Building our holographic narratives
Wrapped in a fantasy heritage

We are an ultraviolet connection
Forging our own nature in currents and keys
Tying the secrets into romance

keep your love held close to your chest,
Arctic babygirl,
because I'm still too far away
to be the morning caress you need
But maybe I’ll be there someday

Eyes like the Finnish sky
And a spirit like the auroras
My beautiful traveler,
Springing across frozen glades,
Leaving starflowers on the path

It’s perfect,
And it all boils down to pure instinct
Yin and yang,
Contrast of two,
Encased in orange and blue

The sea between only means so much
These are the waters one day we can roam
Wherever you go will feel like home

Such an energy flows through your veins,
Midnight reveries spell your love of living
The teaching gift you’re always giving

We stroked the words,
And stoked the fire
Feeding the desire
To blossom and thrive

You’ve given me the bark from your vast woodlands,
Paper for tales and paradigms,
And kindling to survive the biting winds
I pray I pay it back in time

You're my favorite place
When I'm insecure
Words radiating the confidence I need
I could never match all that you are,
But whenever you want it,
My voice is not far