Only You Are Left Unbroken?

Part 5/6 of "From Emerald to Hesa", a collection of poems and artwork paired together, started about 1.5 years or so ago. Figured now was as good a time as any to wrap them up! So, the poem for this piece:

Spirits like yours are scarce,
Especially at this time of year
But no vile nature is pure enough,
So I'll just push my way through

You're sitting there,
Always along the periphery,
And I think I see a hint of a smile
Buried in years gone white and wintery

You've been hanging from the frames of my dreams,
And you’ve been jumping from scene to scene

To think I once held all of that faith
For someone who couldn't show their face!

I have watched the way you turn
To an icy sting on my fingers,
And then melt and drip onto the floor
It’s a reminder that nothing lasts,
Transient flesh
We’ll get one-hundred years
Maybe more,
Then we just may get the chance to start it all over
But maybe that’s not even worth it
If I have to find the shards
And piece a porous puzzle

Pent up,
It's all I can do to keep this hidden
I’ll never come to terms with what we’ve forbidden
Open turbulence, slip-up undertow

What ever happened to September's audience?
I've made an October hostage of you
And you don't even know it

The bad blood has boiled to the surface,
And these mocking lesions mark my skin

This has become a season for endings,
My own exercise in letting go
I hope you're ready for what will come next,
Because these words I’ll say will curse us both

I’ve only two ways to go with a one-track mind,
Careening unto ambitious chaos,
Or fall back into disgrace

I’m sure you’re much more like me
That either of us want to admit
Your coded language gave it away,
Along with your shapeshifting portrait,
My clever mimic!
Our third has played that game,
As have I
Your professions and proclamations of perfection
Robed in humility as they were
Can only fool for so long,
In spite of the attraction

The next time you skim the surface of a drowning city,
And draw playful shapes in the foam,
Keep them a secret,
Because there's no point in creating a revenant

You were
Born of velvet, not straw, a royal breed
Can’t understand
The divine ego of the violent sounds I need
Engineered in past bleakness underground

Do you hear its march now?
Inevitability is here,
Tracking dirt through the cracks in the tiles
I’ve become drunk on its grinds inside,
Out of sync,
Is frothing
It comes out in strained notes, and then it ceases to live
It will soon fry and then liquify
There’s my opportunity
To be a bittersweet ghost

How could you have known me from that pixelated winter
And never told me until now?
The split made us
More honest than ever, our camouflaged brand of trust

I’ve been telling myself for weeks upon weeks now
That this order has no chance to hurt you
Until I can believe it

This is a disaster of symmetry,
Suicidal waves left to wander

Sentient splinters are the cost of peace,
Their malice leaving crimson rivulets

I want you to know I don’t despise you,
I am only removing a threat

The neutron star’s decision,
Mourning its infinite density,
Is the single point this has come to
A crisis of history and ore
Then it ends
I am not a giant
But it’s right
To crush the atom’s opportunity in my hands
I’ll shatter the walls so the echo,
A response that hits harder
Than the first call is smothered