Restart - Background/Crowd Mannequin
Model and rig. 5626 quads/11256 tris.

Model and rig. 5626 quads/11256 tris.

Walk cycle to demonstrate underlying rig and skinning.

Mannequin created for use in production for an indie animated series I'm working on with a small team, titled "Restart". The animation consists of 2D characters set in 3D scenes, with this character created for the sake of A) easily tracking background characters in the 3D environments, and B) putting together 3D cycles for the lead animator to quickly draw over. Very simple stuff, but it's been a little while since I've done any rigging and animating, so I was glad to get back to it!

Model based upon character sheets provided by lead animator, then rigged and animated in Maya.

Current Restart episodes available to stream at May contain mature content.